Fourth of July Message

13654944-4th-of-july-badge-and-ribbon-with-flag-of-united-states-of-america-against-whiteWe have just returned from the Fourth of July Parade here in Ojai, California. The parade in Ojai is different in some ways from the ones we recall on Cape Cod. There are neither bagpipes nor boats but lots and lots of horses. And many of the riders are in colorful dress reflecting their Mexican heritage. But there are many more similarities: veterans and marching bands, schoolkids, oldsters, and elected figures, marching or riding in convertibles, flatbeds, tractors or antique cars. And the spirit is identical: joyful, relaxed, proud.

It is a helpful reminder that, for all our differences and debates, we are a nation of many different people but with a common purpose and a common destiny. E pluribus unum. Let’s try to keep the Fourth of July spirit going throughout the year.

– Doug Parker

5 thoughts on “Fourth of July Message

  • I am in, Doug—appears your blog was going to my Mac junk. I am up to date now and will be back in touch. At our lake for a wonderful 4th. Internet is very slow so back in touch next week. Other Powell is my son, James.

    Best regards,


  • Hi Doug,

    I just found out about your new blog. Lots of interesting topics. I admit I have never before heard the term RINO but it seems most of your members/friends are quite familiar and your introduction states the information well.

    Maybe somebody could find a place for the H in RHINO to further refine and/or define your blog as yours alone. What the H is missing in RINO is my contribution.

    I found another web source explanation that reinforces your description that you and others may find interesting.

    Have fun with the blog and wishing you a fantastic 4th of July.


    • Thanks for the Wikipedia reference. RINOcracy has paid them a visit and made itself known.

      I don’t think RINOs need an H. In fact, I like to think of RINOs as “giving a bit of H” where it’s needed.

  • DP….be sure you do not sit on a firecracker tonight by mistake…..Happy Fourth and keep ‘um comin’ bkb

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