Special Bulletin Updates: Obamacare and Merkel

The Special Bulletin of October 27 pointed out that HHS had adopted regulations that eviscerated the President’s promise that “If you like your health insurance you can keep it.” A lengthy and informative report by NBC News indicates that “the Administration” knew of that fact three years ago. The report also give useful examples of the effect on individuals. But the report, available here, leaves open the question of when the President discovered this (and whether he cares.)

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The New Yorker has published an essay suggesting that the fact that Obama was unaware of the Merkel tapping was more shocking than the tapping itself. (“Who is Watches the Watchers?”). It is available here.

3 thoughts on “Special Bulletin Updates: Obamacare and Merkel

  • That some targeted surveillance occurs, both foreign and domestic, is certainly a necessity, and not a problem. But NSA and other agencies are clearly over-reaching, have gone wild with their new surveillance capabilities, and are causing more problems than they are resolving. Concerning Obama’s awareness, I suspect that great principle of “plausible deniability” is being practiced, that agency heads reporting to him do not give him the details of operations that could be questionable or embarrassing. Has the government yet clearly said it has been wrong in conducting these activities? It is more focused in suppressing the whistleblowers.

  • History in the making. There seems to be a never ending string of negative stories about this administration. What else do we not know about what our government is up to? Stand by and be ready to duck.

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