Special Bulletin An Update to Blog No. 18: Who’s a RINO Now?

RINO vs RINO.jpegA subscriber called my attention to an article by the distinguished journalist and political commentator, Bernard Goldberg, which included the following observation:

The Tea Party folks are very proud of the fact that they stand on principle.  Bulletin:  so do less hardline Republicans.  But the hard right calls everyone to the left of Ted Cruz a RINO, a Republican in name only.  The Tea Party won’t like this, but the real RINOs are the Tea Party people.  They’ve been very clear that their allegiance is to pure conservatism, not to the Republican Party.  Yes, my right wing friends, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and the others on the far right are the real RINOs. – See more at: http://www.bernardgoldberg.com/honest-rather-win-chris-christie-lose-ted-cruz/#sthash.87HI1ynO.dpuf

Mr Goldberg is exactly right. RINOcracy.com made the same point in Blog No.18, but explained that we RINOs have a historical right to the name and to use it proudly:

It seems increasingly clear that a fight between the tea party (or Oozlum) wing of the Republican Party and the “establishment” of the party is inevitable. One irony of this development is that “RINOs” are no longer a particular target of our friends on the right: we have been subsumed into the establishment and our particular heresies are no longer a focus of concern. Another irony is that to the extent that the tea partiers direct their fire at the Republican Party, it becomes more obvious that in fact it is they who are “Republicans In Name Only.” Nevertheless, history demands that the RINO designation continue to belong to those of us who believe that the mission of Republican Party is not merely to obstruct, but to govern and to seek constructive solutions to national problems.

3 thoughts on “Special Bulletin An Update to Blog No. 18: Who’s a RINO Now?

  • Thanks for the Goldberg link, Doug. Goldberg’s op-ed was interesting, but the comments that followed were enlightening. It looks like the Republican party has a serious internal dogfight in its near future. As a dedicated Independent I will sit back and enjoy the fireworks. Meanwhile, the Tea Party condemns Christie as a retread of Bush the Elder. If that is a fair assessment Christie will earn my enthusiastic vote in ’16. But I will cast my reluctant vote for Hillary if the Republicans nominate a candidate in the mold of Cruz/Palin/Bachman/Paul/Perry. Can the Republicans take the Oval Office without the likes of the ‘unprincipled’ pragmatists such as me supporting their candidate? Time will tell, but I have a strong hunch.

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