Blog No. 33 Update – A Postscript Directly From Ukraine

Nita Hanson, the writer of the letter below, is the founder of God’s Hidden Treasures ( The organization is an American, faith-based, mission that has been serving the poor, the afflicted and the orphaned of Ukraine since 1997. I received a copy of Nita’s letter from the missions committee of our local church, which is one of the supporters of GHT and Nita’s work. I felt that the letter provided a valuable insight on the plight of Ukraine previously discussed in Blog No. 33, “Putin, Ukraine and Echoes of Munich.” Feeling that the letter would be of interest to followers of I asked Nita’s permission to share it with you, and she graciously agreed. Too often, discussions of issues in the media and here are conducted at a somewhat abstract level that may seem disconnected from the actual people who are affected by those issues. I hope that Nita’s letter will help to supply that connection for the grave problems faced by Ukraine.

Dear Ones,

Thank you so much for all the prayers and for the encouragement. I must admit it is a bit surreal here sometimes. Life goes on pretty much like normal, but then we see on TV the Russian troops massed on the border and we hear all their threats. Next we hear the good news that they have withdrawn some troops – only to hear the next day that they just moved them to another location along the border. This morning we hear that Putin has promised Europe that he is withdrawing them.

It is an interesting feeling to contemplate really being in a war. And, to be realistic, one has to admit that possibility, and that Ukraine stands alone as far as military protection goes. This is a country stripped of its military equipment as it voluntarily surrendered everything on the promise that the US, England and Russia would protect them, only to be attacked by one of them. One military officer called our office and asked if we had any mattresses and blankets we could give to his troop as they don’t even have enough beds and bedding.  Most families are even having to take food to their sons and husbands who have been called to active duty.

We see troop movements everyday – people are gathering to pray at churches – our young men are being called up with no more than a few hours notice, but still life goes on. I am touched by the courage of these people who will defend their homeland even if it means certain death and defeat – they will not go gently. I am privileged to be with them here and now. This is a country that has known tragedy like no other – one that has been torn asunder by war and starvation and ruthless dictators, yet one that still stands.  May it continue to do so.

On a more positive note, I hear this comment many times:  “Putin has managed to do for Ukraine what no one else has been able to do – he has united us  —  against him”. Everywhere I am hearing more talk of being together – of wanting to put aside all the divisiveness and move forward and grow as a mature and free nation.

I continue to claim God’s promise to King Hezekiah of deliverance from an overpowering enemy.

Blessings, Nita

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