Special Bulletin. RINOcracy.com on Vacation

There will be hiatus in postings on RINOcracy.com over the next few weeks as we travel to destinations as varied as Lake Como, Rome, London and Santa Fe. It would be tempting to describe at least some part of our itinerary as a fact-finding mission, but that would push the envelope of spin even by Washington standards. On the other hand, if we do come by any new insights along the way, we will not hesitate to share them upon our return.

In the meantime, should you need something to fill in your reading list while we’re away, we have a couple of suggestions.

A genuine fact-finding trip, yielding a great many fascinating insights, is presently being conducted by George Friedman of Stratfor. Many followers of RINOcracy.com will be familiar with Stratfor, but we would urge those who are not to become so. Stratfor is a private intelligence service, published by Mr. Friedman, that provides analysis and non-partisan comment on geopolitics. Stratfor not only offers material to paid subscribers, but also publishes weekly newsletters that are available without charge. The newsletters are currently reporting on Mr. Friedman’s visits to the Borderlands—countries bordering Russia: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Azerbaijan. Links to the reports from the trip published thus far are:

Borderlands: The New Strategic Landscape

Borderlands: The View From Azerbaijan

Borderlands: Hungary Maneuvers

Borderlands: First Moves in Romania

We are confident that if you read the Friedman reports you will come away with a much better sense of the strategic importance of the Borderlands, and knowing much more about each one of them.

And now for something completely different, and a focus on domestic politics, we suggest taking a look at the blog of Jennifer Rubin in The Washington Post. Ms. Rubin writes from a conservative perspective (her blog is titled “Right Turn”), but her observations are quite frequently in sync with RINOism (roughly defined as the art and practice of independent thinking within the Republican Party and firm resistance to its radically conservative elements). One of our recent favorites was a May 25 blog entitled “20 tips for tin-eared politicians.” Her first five tips will give you an idea:

1.There are more wage earners than entrepreneurs, so aim for the former. And don’t use “entrepreneur”; it reeks of pretension.
2. If all you are offering is to cut spending, regulation, taxes and debt, it won’t be enough to win in 2016. That message has not been able to draw an electoral majority, most likely because it does not touch on voters’ main concerns. (See #4)
3.If you tell people in poverty that the solution to their problem is reducing the national debt, they will think you’re nuts.
4. Taxes are not nearly as important to middle-class voters as economic insecurity and the pinch from rising fuel, college and health-care costs.
5. We are not going back to a government of the size it was pre-New Deal. Not now. Not ever.

After we return in July, we hope to take up such topics as foreign policy (including Afghanistan and President Obama’s West Point speech aka “The Bonfire of the Strawmen”), immigration, tax reform and the daunting subject of income inequality. If there are matters you would be particularly interested in having addressed here, please let us know.

One thought on “Special Bulletin. RINOcracy.com on Vacation

  • A candidate must examine their inner most thoughts and perogatoves prior to putting their name before the electorate. This statement of commitment is much more than just offering themselves for public office.
    Are they to campaign for office based upon fundamental principals and ideals or are they to campaign with an agenda that will garner votes? This appears to be simplistic, but to sacrifice principals for expediency by obfuscation and dissembling can only produce a hollow victory. This beloved country has suffered too long from pandering politicians that have the singular purpose of retaining or gaining office.
    Commitment to principals, and well based and founded ideals, may not always be easy and successful. However, in my opinion, it is the only path in sustaining our birth right and to defend the inheritant rights of all Americans.

    Perhaps Voltaire said it best, (please forgive a faulty memory)’ ” I do not believe in what you say, but will defend till death the right for you to say it.”

    Pandering, obfuscation, deflection, have no place alongside principals.

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