Special Bulletin. Vaccinating Rhythm (A Duet for Christie and Paul)

Here at RINOcracy.com we tend to write in a serious vein, but occasionally the impulse for something a little lighter seems irresistible. So it was with the song below, dedicated to Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul and with apologies to the Gershwin brothers and Ella Fitzgerald.

Vaccinating Rhythm

(A Duet for Chris Christie and Rand Paul)

Vaccinating Rhythm,
You’ve got to understand,
Vaccinating Rhythm
Made us make a boo-boo.

What a mess we’re making
The pundits want to know
Why measles left us shaking
Like two men with Voodoo.

Each morning we get up with the sun –
Start a-hopping,
Never stopping –
It’s what you do when you run.

We know that
Once it didn’t matter –
But now we’re doing wrong;
When we start to patter
It makes our teams unhappy.

Can’t we take a day off?
Escape from Jeb and Marco
Somewhere far away off.
And make it snappy!

Oh, how we long to be the men we used to be!
Vaccinating rhythm,
Won’t the press stop picking on you and on me?

Ella Fitzgerald – Fascinatin’ Rhythm (High Quality – Remastered)


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