Special Bulletin. RINO of the Week: Margaret McGirr

We assume that the name of Margaret McGirr is as unfamiliar to readers of RINOcracy.com as it was to us. But Ms. McGirr had a letter published in today’s New York Times that was so well-stated that we thought it deserved recognition. The Letters section of the Times is not a place we ordinarily go looking for RINOs, but you never know.

Ms. McGirr’s letter was in response to an April 11 column by Timothy Egan concerning the legacy of Abraham Lincoln and the Republican Party, “Remains From His Last Day.” Ms. McGirr wrote:

To the Editor:

For eight years, Democrats have waged a campaign to persuade America that every Republican lives at the outermost reaches of the right end of the political spectrum. This latest warning — that Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s favorite presidents and a Republican, would find today’s G.O.P. a horror to behold — is an imaginative new twist on the pitch.

Moderate Republicans are not extinct. We aren’t even an endangered species. We believe in private enterprise and free markets. We love our national parks. We think railways and bridges should be repaired. We believe in immigration reform. We are pro-choice, support same-sex marriage and hope that gun control will one day be a reality. President Lincoln would find us simpatico.

And we vote. We are confident that our party will choose a candidate we can vote for, not surrender the election by putting forward a nominee who does occupy the fringe that Mr. Egan describes.


Greenwich, Conn.

If Ms. McGirr discovers RINOcracy.com, we are confident that she will find us quite simpatico companions.

6 thoughts on “Special Bulletin. RINO of the Week: Margaret McGirr

  • Margaret McGirr is apparently a real person and does write many letters to the NY Times … but I do really wonder about her adoption of the coal-party line to the effect that doing anything about CO2 and global warming will preferentially hurt the poor.

    One of the most gagging and shameless things I have seen done by those claiming to be “conservative” is this campaign. Surely if one believed this, one could do something to ameliorate it … right?

  • Atta Girl Maggie. Alas not enough of parker and you to overcome the right wing red meat all American yoyos that lead your party today. Hell lots of them think April 14th is a day to celebrate whilst they wait on April 26th here in the south. God know the feckless Dems in their own way are just as bad. How I long for men like Robert Taft and Harry Truman. Compare them to Hillary and that rat pack of losers announced for the Republican race. All I know is Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton, along with Taft and HST if they know are weeping for our country. Publicus

  • Right on Margaret………You totally understand that Republicans simply have to nominate a better alternative than Hillbilly. Maybe republicans can nominate a 2 person candidate also. Just a little tongue in cheek. I use the term Hillbilly to mean Hillary and Bill Clinton will share the presidency hence two person candidate.

  • Ms. McGirr indicates that the Democrats claim that “that Abraham Lincoln, one of America’s favorite presidents and a Republican, would find today’s G.O.P. a horror to behold.” I don’t necessarily disagree, but, would claim that Andrew Jackson and other early Democrats would be shocked at today’s Democratic party and many of its members.

  • Hope the moderate Republicans become more numerous and vocal. If the GOP would nominate a candidate committed to some of the same policies as their greatest Presidents, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike, or Reagan, Democrats could forget about Hillary ever being inaugurated president. But today’s party base seems overwhelmingly committed to far right stances on social issues, Hillary can position herself more towards the center than their ultimate choice, and the outcome will likely be in doubt.

  • I’m pretty well in synch with Ms. McGirr with the exception of her confidence that “our party will choose a candidate we can vote for”. Not with the platform she put forth.

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