Special Bulletin. Terrorism in Paris

We were drafting some comments on the most recent GOP debate and the troubling questions as to the direction of the Party. We expect to post those comments in a day or so, but when the news of the terrorist attacks in Paris began to come in, those comments seemed for the moment considerably less urgent.

Whenever a mass killing in this country occurs, and prompts cries for gun control, those demands are met with a reproach not to “politicize” the event. Yet politicizing—a call for political action—is exactly what we believe is called for in response to such tragedies. So here we would hope to politicize the Paris outrage by expressing the hope that it will finally bring to all levels of government a recognition of the dimensions of threat with which we are confronted. While the exact identity and organization of the perpetrators is yet to be determined, it can hardly be doubted that they were Islamic extremists. Whether they were controlled, or merely inspired, by ISIS is of secondary importance. In either case, it should now be acknowledged by all that “Islamic extremism” is real and that it is a global threat that cannot be dismissed as a regional problem confined to the Middle East. If it is Paris today, there is no reason to believe that it will not be New York, Washington, Chicago or Los Angeles tomorrow.

We hope that attempts to hobble the protections of NSA programs will be abandoned or at least muted. (Indeed, inquiry should be made on an urgent basis as to whether communications among the Paris jihadists had been intercepted and, if so, how they had been evaluated.) And while the threat is global, there is little doubt that ISIS and its partners are, one way or another, a major source of the violence. The goal of degrading and destroying ISIS has made precious little progress and it is apparent that a far more robust and effective military effort is required. Failing such an effort, Islamic extremists and potential terrorists will continue to find encouragement in the success of the would- be caliphate.

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  • First I want to thank Doug for providing an opportunity for readers of the RINO internet newsletter to express opinions at the very point of reading, reviewing and reaction to the topic. For example, letters to the editor take a hell of a lot more time and there is no guarantee of publication.
    Secondly, I appreciate the work Doug puts into each newsletter…I value his mainstream Republican voice and I believe the clarity of his views. Views I am not always in agreement with, yet value and continue to think about long afterward.
    Thirdly, the opinion pieces posted provide a glimpse of how the readership reacts to the piece, collectively, a microcosm of America.
    Lastly, (applause) I fine a few true commentators that I align with. Isn’t it great to live in America and read what ordinary folks think about a subject you just read. Perhaps I should say extraordinary folks. Thanks all. Larry

  • We know who they are, We know what they are. And we know where they are.
    And we do relatively nothing but talk.
    Shame on us.
    These extremists are the malignancy and cancer cells that destroy humanity and peace.
    If there is to be collateral casualties, sadly that will happen.
    The basic principal of Demcracy is the will of the majority with respect for the minorities. Do we have the spine and courage to retaliate with overwhelming force? Or, will we once again forgive and forget?
    I am very certain that the response by France, to the horrffic massacre in France, will not be a negotiation with exponents of terrorism and murder.
    Congress and Mr. President unite in this battle of preservation of decency, The world once knew that America and freedom were synonymous. We have all that is needed to be that America agan.
    Set aside political differences….Defend and preserve not only America,
    but also decency , fairness, understanding, kindness and respect.
    Our country has responded to terrorism and sufferng in the past.
    It is our moral obligation to lead again.

  • Well as you can tell I am not a pacifist, there is evil in the world, we cannot continue to deny it and it must not be confronted. Too continue to beat our chest and blame the world’s problems on America is ridiculous, as is too continue to hide one head in the sand, which is what Europe has been doing for too long and look where is has gotten it: overwhelming refugee crisis which represents a threat to Europe’s culture, economy and survival. American need to lead and stop the ongoing threat that Syria, ISIS and Al Qaeda represent. It is not getting better, it will not get better until America does something. I do not believe that means we must put hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground but it does mean that we should start with a no-fly zone over part of Syria; support our friends in the area with money and weapons and put more boots on the ground in the form of advisors, trainers and gunnery experts. Lets see what that does and reevaluate our strategy after that. We also need to control Russia in area.

  • I rear that our folly has been to rely on our strength alone. Another folly is the idea that the world envies our system as much as our prosperity.
    I also fear that given the direction we are heading both will only be happy memories to my great grandchildren. If we could value diplomacy and discretion as much as we do bravado and bullying, life might be better for most of us world wide.
    Can no one remember General Marshall???

    • Not much but I do remember Arthur Neville Chamberlain, who gave us such a great example on how appeasement can enable an evil and corrupt philosophy that was Nazi Germany and as is ISIS today. Expecting diplomacy and discretion to deal with evil is a fools errand.

  • The “force breeds force” statement of a previous commenter is, unfortunately and tragically, all too true, and this has been nowhere proven more clearly than in the history of Western involvement in the Middle East in recent decades, not to mention previous centuries. While all available security means must be taken by all nations to ensure the safety of its citizens, it is difficult to foresee how direct military action dominated by western forces can resolve the conflicts that roil the Middle East and trigger terrorist attacks against the West. Fear, retaliation, and attempts to dominate are natural reactions to danger, but often short-circuit creative resolution, and bypass looking upstream to more fully understand why the continuing extremists tragedies are occurring.

    • Yes, maybe we can talk ISIS to death, actually John Kerry may be able to at least accomplish that. I’d die rather than having to continue to listen to him.

  • These are difficult times. Evil does exist and sadly many peace loving muslims in America will be profiled and shunned. Perhaps Elie Wiesel has it right. When and wherever genocide or terrorists attacks such as these occur, all peace loving nations have to say, NO! ENOUGH!, ENOUGH! Dark clouds are looming from my perception.

  • If a “far more effective military effort” is to be required, isn’t it long past time for Congress to act on some kind of updated authorization for the use of military force? “Feckless” as the current administration’s mideast strategy appears still to be, one wonders what a fair characterization would be for the GOP’s war hawks who won’t go anywhere near a record vote on what they propose we should do.

  • Yes, if it takes politisizing the response of the USA to this latest attrocity to finally get the Obama admin to admit what is going on and respond hard and fast…..so be it!

    I’m sure the Democrats are looking hard at this as an opportunity to secure the run by Hillary and if they do appropriately, it will spell big problems for the Republicans in the run for the Whitehouse.

    All I can think is ugh, what a stinking way to run a country.

  • What is the alternative
    Force breeds force
    I do not want my grandson involved
    And I am a pacificist
    And I don’t have an answer

    • Well we do know that the answer is not pacifism, not unless you want to literally have your head handed to you.

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