Special Bulletin. The Convention Is Over: Trump and Lincoln

Bill Mauldin, 1921-2003 Weeping Lincoln, 1963

Bill Mauldin was a celebrated cartoonist whose memorable figures of Willie and Joe chronicled World War Two in the pages of Stars and Stripes. After the war, Mauldin was a cartoonist for the Chicago SunTimes, and in 1963 he marked the assassination of President Kennedy by a poignant drawing of the figure at the Lincoln Memorial slumped in grief. So too, we believe, the nomination of Donald Trump could only have  brought a profound sense of grief to the founder of our party.

14 thoughts on “Special Bulletin. The Convention Is Over: Trump and Lincoln

  • Had a chance to meet Doug on our tour in Europe. He is a very smart and personable man and I am pleased to have subscribed to his blog.

  • See the revealing article about Trump in the July issue of The New Yorker, “Trump’s Boswell Speaks: A ghostwriter’s remorse.” The interview of Tony Schwatz, who actually wrote “The Art of the Deal,” confirms that Trump is a total fake and publicity hound with the attention span of a disturbed 5-year old. He cares about nothing but his own glorification iand making money by lying and cheating.

  • You shouldn’t have to worry that someone will throw a brick through your window in DC, a Dem stronghold.

    PS Tim Kaine’s speech in Miami was
    terrifiic. What a great guy to have
    as a runnning mate.

  • Trump’s acceptance speech at the RNC, riddled with lies snd empty promises to “make America great again,” should be a wake up call to our country. This is a man filled with hate and megalomania who could do great damage to the office of presidency and America’s role as a world leader. Only a few days ago, he told a NY Times interviewer that, as president, he might not defend our NATO allies and he has repeatedly threatened to abrogate our trade agreements and tarred immigrants as criminals. Despite the ignorance and intolerance of Trump, his candidacy should not be ignored.
    He is a thug and will try to steal the White House snd glorify himself at any cost and by any means possible. This presidential race will be one of the ugliest in history and the world will be watching closely, fearful that a madman and potential dictator will take over. Every freedom loving American must stop Trump dead in his tracks. Hillary must win this election or our country will become a police state and our obligations to our major allies will be broken. Trump hss already sent a signal to Vladimir Putin, dictator of Russia, that he may invade and take over the Balkan states, our NATO allies, Litvia, Latvia and Estonia, with impunity. He has decried gun violence while touting his endorsement from the gun manufacturing lobby, the NRA, and he has stoked racial and ethnic divisions in America. He has advocated tax and spending plans that would bankrupt our country. Republicans, Democrats and Independents must join hands to crush this odious and dangerous man before he wrecks our country and its place as leader of the free worlld.

    • Mr. Stetter,
      Beautifully stated. I’m genuinely frightened. I love the image of Republicans, Democrats and Independents “joining hands to crush this odious and dangerous man,” but I’m not sure hand-holding (or hand-wringing) will do the trick. I have yet to identify a single Republican friend who says he/she will vote for Hillary, although they say they won’t vote for Trump either. Do you have any other ideas? SOS!
      Thanks again for your eloquent comment.
      Monica MacAdams

      • Thanks Monica. My wife Barbara is wearing her Hillary pin (it’s really attractive) and getting lots of compliments from her friends, including Republicans. I’m working on our handyman but it’s going slowly. (I think he’s turrned on my Melania!). We’ll just do our part and hope the country does not go over a cliff in Novrmber. Trump is scary — not only for what he says, but who he is, a narcissist and bully who flaunts his wealth. I can’t think of anytime in our history when the country has elected such a bellicose and uninformed person as president. He scares independants and moderates and will probably take a drubbing in the fall. Best, Roger (ps: get your Hillary pin online)

        • LOL. I have a bumper sticker…haven’t affixed it to my car, but you (your wife) has inspired me, so maybe I will.

    • Ooops, post-script to my previous, I forgot: I did identify one prominent Republican (who favored Bush and Kasich in the primaries), who said she’d vote for Hillary over Trump, but she lives in DC, as do I, so our votes won’t help much.

      • Don’t forget about our leader, Doug. Seriously, though, we don’t really need diehard Republicans to win. We do need to get out the Dem party vote, including millenials. I think even the Sanders crowd will vote for Hillary, especially after they watch the presidential debates. Best, Roger

        • Cute piece in today’s Wash Post @ Never-Trump Republicans hosting a “wake” for their beloved GOP at a DC pub; at least one said he was voting for HRC. Also, hope you saw Tim Kaine’s speech today in FL. Terrific. Maybe he’ll be able to light a fire under despondent Dems.
          Best, Monica

  • Glad your back.
    We have missed your contributions.

    Re. Pyle cartoon

    Interestingly, I recall that Lincoln was a modestly experienced candidate, ( one term as a congressman) a failed businessman, and a truly great visionary and the savior of a deeply divided nation.
    Does he weep with his saddness for what our nation/ Republic has become.?

    • Lincoln was the most successful trial lawyer in Illinois in the decade before he became president. He was also one of the most well-informed and eloquent speakers in our nation’s history. This was no Donald Trump.

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