Special Bulletin. Trump the Tweeter in Chief

Surely everyone has heard about Donald Trump’s tweets. But our guess is that many of the readers of RINOcracy.com have never actually gone to @realDonaldTrump to see for themselves. In order to fill that gap, we decided to give you a sampling of what you would find there – in just the past two days.

To our continuing puzzlement, we actually have friends who are Trump supporters, and we would ask them “Do you want a President who sits in The Oval Office banging out tweets of self-congratulation, whining about the press, insulting or belittling those perceived opponents or enemies or those who simply do not appreciate him enough?”

They would probably reply, “He won’t do that after he’s President.”

To which we say, “Uh-huh.”

PS:  Here is our RINOcracy Twitter page for those of you who tweet.

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4 thoughts on “Special Bulletin. Trump the Tweeter in Chief

  • Thanks Doug,
    I don’t “tweet,” but thx to Morning Joe, I had already seen a few of the missives you forwarded from the chief tweetie-bird (aka Daffy Donald Duck, as I like to call him…hey, if he can behave like an 8 year-old, why can’t I?).
    But…bravo to you for providing a comprehensive Trump-tweet compendium! I think there’s definitely a book in there…and you are a better writer than anyone whom I have ever had the honor of knowing personally. Think about it.

  • A very creepy guy who constantly craves adulation and blows his top when he doesn’t get it. Fortunately, most Americans are no longer taken in by his stupidity and total lack of character.

  • No, clearly that’s not what I or others want. We just also don’t want to knowingly vote in a totally corrupt, amoral, liar of massive proportions. So my choice, as I see it, is to vote for a KNOWN criminally corrupt politician, or vote for someone who MIGHT end up doing some of the positive things he promises to do. No I don’t like the choice…and am open to any other even slightly more realistic candidate. I just don’t see one at this date.

    • Why do you not consider Trump a liar of massive proportions? Politifact rates him at 70% mostly false or worse (HRC is 27%). Amoral – stiffing small contractors on a multitude of his projects, leaving investors in the bag while preserving his personal wealth thru 4 bankruptcies? I don’t believe HRC has been convicted of any crimes, being a “known criminal” is hyperbole.

      Can you even imagine DJT speaking to parents in the aftermath of Sandy Hook? At least Hillary seems to have a soul.

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