Special Bulletin. The Cubs Win and the Election Looms

Well, they finally did it!

As every reader must know by now, The Chicago Cubs ended 108 years of frustration by winning the World Series on Wednesday night. They defeated the Cleveland Indians in a 10-inning struggle that has been called epic but could also be described as a bit goofy. The game and the Series have been widely covered, so I will add only a few personal comments.

As I reported in a Special Bulletin on October 23, I had been at Game 4 of the 1945 World Series which the Cubs had lost to the Detroit Tigers, 4-1. Now my daughter and I had tickets to Game 4 of the 2016 Series on Saturday. Would history repeat itself? Sadly, it did, as the Cubs fell to the Indians, 7-2. Nevertheless, it was a grand evening in a lively but well-behaved crowd that remained enthusiastic to the end, cheering every strikeout of a Cleveland batter long after the outcome was no longer in doubt. We missed only the excitement of a victory and joining in the song, “Go Cubs Go” that the Wrigley crowd renders after every win.

But now the Cubs were down 3-1. Was there still hope? The following night we watched the Cubs on television with cousins in a Chicago suburb and we were all delighted to see them stay alive by beating the Indians 3-2. Then, on Monday, we made the long trip back to California where on Tuesday night we watched the Cubs win again, setting the stage for the deciding 7th game. That game was perhaps as exciting as any in World Series history, with the Cubs losing leads of 5-1 and 6-3 before ultimately prevailing, after a rain delay, 8-7.

I am among the army of armchair managers who believe that the Cubs Manager, Joe Maddon, made that game unnecessarily exciting by his misuse of Cubs pitchers, specifically in removing the Cubs starting pitcher, Kyle Hendricks, too early and in overusing his star reliever, Aroldis Chapman. Chapman is ferociously fast, but not inexhaustible as he demonstrated by giving up a three-run home run that tied the 7th game at 6-6 in the eighth inning. (For more details, see David Haugh in the Chicago Tribune and Matt Dolloff, CBSBostonSports. Nevertheless, Maddon must be given full credit in creating a resilient team with the will and the spirit to overcome adversity.

In the previous Special Bulletin, I referred to an earlier Cubs victory as a “merciful relief from the depressing spectacle of election 2016.” And so, indeed, was the entire World Series, but now the Series is over and the election looms. I have little more to say about that than we have said before. I continue to believe that Donald Trump is the most dangerously unfit candidate for the presidency in my lifetime and perhaps all of American history. Hillary Clinton is a seriously flawed candidate, in terms of both her personal history and her policy prescriptions, but I believe that she would make an infinitely better president than Donald Trump. And we would urge even readers who may dislike both candidates equally not to “stay home,” but go to the polls to vote for candidates in the down ballot races, particularly Republican moderates who are uniquely vulnerable to the political chaos Trump has created. We need them now more than ever.

– Doug Parker


10 thoughts on “Special Bulletin. The Cubs Win and the Election Looms

  • Doug: splendid picture of you and Heather! She looks so proud to be with her father at a critical time in his life.

  • Delighted for the Cubs and all their life-long fans at the ending of a long drought. Adding to the pleasure, and the excitement, was a bit of baseball trivia–the Cubs became the first team since 1968 to be down 3 games to 1 and then go on to win the series with the final two games on the other teams home field. Quite an accomplishment! Hope to be celebrating another outcome next week too, with Trump getting the result he richly deserves, going back to Trump Towers and staying out of the rest of our lives.

    • Right on, Bill! Even Comey’s ill-timed and ill-advised letter won’t stop Hillary from becoming our first woman president. She will be in good company with British prine minister Theresa May and German chancellor Angela Merkel, among other women heads of state. Hopefully, this will bring civilty and compassion back to our national life after a very nasty election season. It should also help remove the stain of Donald Trump from the GOP. Best.

  • Great picture Doug. Very happy you and Heather shared this historic event (at least game 4). The end result of the Series was the best it could possibly be.

    Don’t be too hard on Joe MaddOn. Check an you imagine the pressure on his shoulders? I was also second guessing the boss but in the end, he had all the information rolling around in his brain and made a winning decision.

    Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Great father & daughter picture outside Wrigley Field.

    The Cubs’ ability and tenacity won them the crown, and the same will hold true for Hillary Clinton. One can take her proper measure by reading the article in today’s New York Times, “Clinton Lawyer Days Hint at Political Savy” (11/4/16, p. A22) The story relates that Hillary was always a smart fighter but never never sought the limelight:

    “I learned from watching her, when she was with judges or in a deposition or in a courtroom — it was all about not drawing attention to yourself.” Rather, “it was about drawing attention to the strength of your case.”

    Hillary, with modest success, to do the same in this election. But Trump’s outrageous lies and scurrilous attacks on just about everyone could not go unanswered. In other words, he dragged the race into the mud, not her.

    I expect Hillary to win a decisive victory and to be a very sensible and effective president. Like president Obama, she will earn the goodwill of all sensible Americans.

    Obstructionists like Ted Cruz will end their political careers in disgrace, like Sen. Joe McCarthy in the early 50s.

    A new and geat Republican Party — a welcoming party for all Americans — will emerge from the ashes.

  • Dear Doug,
    I have to admit that I was thinking about you too much during the series, but knowing What a CUBS World Series victory would mean to you, I just had to keep you in mind……of course, my Cardinals SHOULD have been playing, not the CUBS, but that is another story (plus my Cards have won soooooo many, it is more routine for me…..) but back to YOUR great DAY……it was Day by the time your guys won…..I am pleased for you and hope that it might even happen again……..!!!!!! bruce

    • Doug: I’m also a Cardinal fan, but I hope it never happens again.
      P.S. Hey! Nice pic of two mighty happy ducat holders. Looks like Doug even paid big bucks for a cap. Miracles happen.

  • As a long-suffering Mets (and more recently Nats) fan, I am delighted to share in your joy at the Cubbies’ long overdue but richly deserved victory. And I share your critique of Maddon’s misuse of his pitchers (could not believe it when he brought Chapman in unnecessarily in game 6), but am also happy to hail him (and Chapman) for the latter’s heroic effort by not folding after the 8th inning HR and holding the fort in the 9th. All-in, a spectacular display of guts under fire.

  • i wonder among all the minutiae, whether any world series has gone into 10 innings in the 7th game, after a rain delay following the 9th inning

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