A RINOcracy Special: Putin’s Musical Message

There’s not much fun in the news, so we thought we’d offer a little light relief for our readers  (and especially folks who don’t stay up late enough for SNL, Colbert etc.).

5 thoughts on “A RINOcracy Special: Putin’s Musical Message

  • Mr. Former President OBama endorses Mr Macron in upcoming French Election.
    Could this possibly be an attempt to influence a a foreign country’s election process?
    “I heard that song before, its’ from an old familiar score.”

  • Thanks for Putin’s musical interlude. A welcome relief! Between that and the ridiculous spectacle of the premature celebration by Trump and Congressional Republicans of their passage of a thrown-together Obamacare replacement bill that has two-thirds of the public moaning in disbelief and disgust, it has been a humorous few days. That passage will come to haunt them! The Trump White House Clown Team at its best and worst (there may not be a difference)!

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