Blog No. 170. The Budget Act, the Trump Budget and the Road to Fiscal Ruin

Writing, and no doubt reading, about budgets is not as much fun as writing about the pronouncements of the Tweeter in Chief and various misadventures of the Trump White House. But the budget is an important matter, so even a further look at the peculiar saga of Trump and the Russians will be temporarily deferred,[…]

How the History of American Immigration Policy Led to Washington’s Impasse Now. A Guest Blog by John Broesamle.

John Broesamle is Emeritus Professor of History at California State University, Northridge. His books on American politics and society include Reform and Reaction in Twentieth Century American Politics, Twelve Great Clashes that Shaped Modern America: From Geronimo to George W. Bush (with Anthony Arthur), and, most recently, How American Presidents Succeed and Why They Fail: From Richard Nixon[…]

Blog No. 169. The Nunes Memo: An Outrage Produces a Damp Squib

The release of the Nunes memo was an outrage perpetrated by the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, and President Trump, with the other Republican members of the Intelligence Committee and even Speaker Paul Ryan acting as their aiders and abettors. The focus of the memo was the conduct of the FBI in[…]

Blog No.168. Shutdown: What Happened and What Now?

Most readers of have probably seen and read a great deal—more than they might have wished—about what happened. They will have followed in varying degrees the ups and downs of abortive negotiations leading up to the shutdown, then more negotiations and the end of the shutdown—at least for now. It would tax the patience[…]

Blog No. 167. Donald Trump and The Silence of the Lambs

As nearly everyone on the planet knows by now, when President Trump met with legislative leaders last Thursday to discuss immigration, he referred to immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as immigrants from  “shithole countries.” He singled out Haiti specifically, saying “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.” And lest anyone[…]

Blog No. 166. Donald Trump: “Where’s My Roy Cohn?”

Washington and the media are agog at Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, which describes in vivid detail a President intellectually and emotionally unfit for his office, a man treated by his staff and advisers as a child. Trump has in characteristic fashion struck back on Twitter, calling the author a “total[…]

Blog No. 165 The Republican Tax Bill: The Sausage Examined

The passage of the Republican tax bill was celebrated at the White House with a gaggle of Republican legislators showering lavish praise and gratitude on their Dear Leader. Peggy Noonan aptly described the scene: Wednesday afternoon’s big White House rally celebrating its passage was embarrassing. All these grown men and women slathering personal, obsequious, over-the-top[…]

Christmas 2017: A Carol for Children

For the fifth Christmas in the history of, I am posting Ogden Nash’s 1935 poem, “A Carol for Children,” and it seems as fitting as ever. Christmas last year came in the wake of the heartbreaking tragedy of Aleppo and the vicious attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin. This year it arrives amid[…]

Blog No. 164. The Reckless Attacks on Robert Mueller

On Sunday, President Trump denied that he intended to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller. His denial came in the wake of reports by several media outlets, the day before, of a “rumor” on Capitol Hill, that Trump would fire Mueller after Congress had left town but before Christmas. A rumor is just a rumor and[…]

Blog No 163. The Oozlum’s Tax Bill

Regular readers will recall that from time to time has referred to the Freedom Caucus in the House of Representatives, and other self-styled “conservatives” on Capitol Hill, as Oozlums. For the benefit of new readers, the term is a reference to the mythical bird that flies in ever decreasing concentric circles until it disappears[…]