Christmas 2017: A Carol for Children

For the fifth Christmas in the history of, I am posting Ogden Nash’s 1935 poem, “A Carol for Children,” and it seems as fitting as ever. Christmas last year came in the wake of the heartbreaking tragedy of Aleppo and the vicious attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin. This year it arrives amid[…]

Special Bulletin – A Poetry Break for the Vote-a-Rama

The Chief RINO is vacationing. So, while the healthcare Vote-a-Rama runs on and Scaramucci spews vulgarities…  a few poems for your leisure. First, earlier this month, PBS Newshour hosted a Haiku contest on the topic of the healthcare debate. Although news seems to be changing by the minute, here are our submissions. If tonight’s Vote-a-Rama[…]

Blog No. 131. The Healthcare Dilemmas

The healthcare bill drafted by House Republicans was finally unveiled and is now making its way through House committees at an accelerated pace. It is doing so without benefit of estimates from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office as to cost and the number of persons who will be covered. The White House has attempted to[…]

Blog No. 129 A Brief Pause and …

I will be traveling to Mexico on a brief good will (aka vacation) trip to our friends South of the Border in San Miguel de Allende. Upon our return I expect to have further comments on the continuing (mis)adventures of the Trump Administration. In the meantime, I have entered a contest sponsored by the Chicago[…]

Christmas 2016: A Carol for Children

Christmas 2016 arrives in the wake of the heartbreaking tragedy of Aleppo and the vicious attack on the Christmas Market in Berlin. We are very far away from the ideal of Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Men. Under the circumstances, Ogden Nash’s 1935 poem, “A Carol for Children,” is more fitting than ever, and it is posted[…]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to readers of, but this year a little more might be said. It has been very sad to see and hear accounts of bitter conflicts among families and friends generated by the recent election. According to reports, many families have found it necessary to rearrange Thanksgiving plans[…]

Welcome to RINOcracy 2.0 was founded in May, 2013 as a voice within the Republican Party, albeit a voice dissenting from party orthodoxy on some significant issues. The 2013 “Welcome to RINOcracy,” which appears below, explained the origin of the name, some of my political background and offered brief thoughts on several issues. Now, however, things have changed.[…]

Special Bulletin. The Cubs Win and the Election Looms

Well, they finally did it!

As every reader must know by now, The Chicago Cubs ended 108 years of frustration by winning the World Series on Wednesday night. They defeated the Cleveland Indians in a 10-inning struggle that has been called epic but could also be described as a bit goofy. The game and the Series have been widely covered, so I will add only a few personal comments. […]

Really Special Bulletin. Cubs Win NL Pennant !!

Last night the Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 to win the National League pennant for the first time since 1945. Veteran readers of may recall that I am a life-long Cubs fan. I described at some length my history with the Cubs in Blog 37, “Of George Will, the Chicago Cubs[…]