Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish to extend a Happy Thanksgiving to readers of RINOcracy.com, but this year a little more might be said. It has been very sad to see and hear accounts of bitter conflicts among families and friends generated by the recent election. According to reports, many families have found it necessary to rearrange Thanksgiving plans[…]

Welcome to RINOcracy 2.0

RINOcracy.com was founded in May, 2013 as a voice within the Republican Party, albeit a voice dissenting from party orthodoxy on some significant issues. The 2013 “Welcome to RINOcracy,” which appears below, explained the origin of the name, some of my political background and offered brief thoughts on several issues. Now, however, things have changed.[…]

Special Bulletin. Au Revoir, But Not Goodbye

When RINOcracy.com began in 2013, I acknowledged several disagreements with the Republican Party. At the same time, I emphasized my Republican heritage: I have been a Republican all my life. I recall (or possibly I just recall being told) that in 1940, at the age of five, I joined the family in listening to the Republican[…]

Special Bulletin. The Cubs Win and the Election Looms

Well, they finally did it!

As every reader must know by now, The Chicago Cubs ended 108 years of frustration by winning the World Series on Wednesday night. They defeated the Cleveland Indians in a 10-inning struggle that has been called epic but could also be described as a bit goofy. The game and the Series have been widely covered, so I will add only a few personal comments. […]

Really Special Bulletin. Cubs Win NL Pennant !!

Last night the Chicago Cubs defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-0 to win the National League pennant for the first time since 1945. Veteran readers of RINOcracy.com may recall that I am a life-long Cubs fan. I described at some length my history with the Cubs in Blog 37, “Of George Will, the Chicago Cubs[…]

Special Bulletin. A Respite From the GOP’s Continuing Trainwreck?

The Thursday night Republican debate came as a distinct relief. In terms of substance, there were claims and assertions with which one could agree or disagree, but we will reserve comment on those for a later blog. At least, however, the debate presented four serious adults avoiding personal insults and discussing serious issues. One can only wish that the earlier debates had been conducted similarly. […]

Special Bulletin. Stupor Tuesday.

The results of the Super Tuesday balloting may not have been all that surprising, but on the Republican side they were grimly depressing. The nightmare of Donald Trump continues to unfold as a major portion of the Republican base remains in a Trump-induced stupor, unreachable by fact or logic. The New York Times is no friend of the Republican Party, but in its Wednesday editorial we think they had it about right: “The Republicans seem to be reeling, unable or unwilling to comprehend that a shady, bombastic liar is hardening the image of their party as a symbol of intolerance and division.”

If Trump emerges as the Republican nominee, as now seems likely, the consequences are hard to imagine, but among them may well be the end of the Republican Party. When we founded RINOcracy.com three years ago, our motto was “RINOs, let us unite and put our hides on the line to save our party from itself!” At the time, we looked at saving the Republican Party as a daunting task to which we could make only a minor contribution at best. But it is now questionable whether saving the party remains a rational objective or whether it now belongs in a form of political hospice. […]

Special Bulletin. Is Donald Trump a Tax Cheat?

Is Donald Trump a tax cheat? The answer is that we don’t know, and if Trump has his way, we won’t find out until after the Republican primaries and convention, and the general election, have safely passed.  There is, however, every reason to be concerned and suspicious about Trump the Taxpayer.PIC Trump Tax Return […]

Special Bulletin: Finding Common Political Ground on Poverty – The New York Times

We were not planning to post anything until our return toward the end of the month. But this morning I ran across a very interesting article in The New York Times that I wanted to share with readers of RINOcracy.com who might not have seen it.
The article describes a report by the American Enterprise Institute and the Brookings Institute that combines liberal and conservative thinking to arrive at specific proposals to reduce poverty and inequality. (A link to the full report is included in the article.) Apart from the merits of specific proposals, the report appears to reflect the kind of creative thinking and willingness to compromise that we so badly need.
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Finding Common Political Ground on Poverty

 Supporters of a $15 minimum wage at a gathering in November in Manhattan. A group of liberal and conservative economists produced a plan on alleviating poverty. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

Supporters of a $15 minimum wage at a gathering in November in Manhattan. A group of liberal and conservative economists produced a plan on alleviating poverty. Credit Sam Hodgson for The New York Times

If you have been paying any attention to America’s paralyzed politics, you are not going to believe this.