Blog No. 133. The Committee, Trump and Comey: The Unasked Question, Other Puzzlements and Waiting For More Shoes To Drop

It was probably inevitable that the hearing before the House Intelligence Committee would leave many, indeed most, questions unanswered. Indeed, far too much time was taken up asking questions “for the record” that the interrogators knew would not be addressed in an open hearing. But the most curious aspect of the proceeding was a question[…]

Blog No. 132. The Trump Wiretapping Snarl(s).

On Monday March 20, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Mike Rogers will testify before the House Intelligence Committee on the investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 election, including President Trump’s claim that he had been “wiretapped.” It promises be an interesting day and one that is not likely to bring much comfort[…]

Blog No. 131. The Healthcare Dilemmas

The healthcare bill drafted by House Republicans was finally unveiled and is now making its way through House committees at an accelerated pace. It is doing so without benefit of estimates from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office as to cost and the number of persons who will be covered. The White House has attempted to[…]

Blog No. 130 Donald Trump and the “So-Called Republicans”

America awoke this morning to yet another Twitter Storm from the Tweeter in Chief.  In this case, the subject was his claim that President Obama had tapped his phones. This is an explosive allegation about which we are certain to hear more and on which I will expect to comment further in a future blog. For the[…]

Blog No. 129 A Brief Pause and …

I will be traveling to Mexico on a brief good will (aka vacation) trip to our friends South of the Border in San Miguel de Allende. Upon our return I expect to have further comments on the continuing (mis)adventures of the Trump Administration. In the meantime, I have entered a contest sponsored by the Chicago[…]

Blog No. 128 In the Ninth Circuit a Ruling and in Washington the Theatre of the Absurd

The Ninth Circuit Ruling On Thursday afternoon, the motions panel of the Ninth Circuit issued an opinion that kept in place the Temporary Restraining Order that had been issued by District Judge James Robart. The ruling was a stunning defeat for the Trump Administration and it is not clear how matters will proceed from here.[…]

Blog No. 127 The Madness of King Donald

The unusual behavior of Donald Trump during the campaign, following the election, and in recent days, has generated considerable comment focusing on his mental health. For example, a U.S. News article, “Temperament Tantrum,” reported that “Lawmakers and experts say they are troubled by Trump’s extraordinary focus on his own brand and popularity, including frequent and[…]

Blog No. 126 Trump: Down the Rabbit Hole With Humpty Trumpty

Last weekend, beginning on Friday, provided ample opportunity for Trump watching. For many, however, Trump’s demagoguery, insufferable self-absorption and indifference to the truth made it a painful experience. The inaugural address was a demagogic tour de force, exaggerating in almost a single breath both the magnitude of the country’s problems and the new President’s capacity[…]

Blog No. 125. Trump: Tax Returns, Russia and Moving On

The last blog, No. 124, discussed Donald Trump’s curious and troubling relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia. I noted that a reporter had asked Trump if he would release his tax returns to prove his claim of having no financial connections with Russia, and that Trump had declined on the now familiar ground that his[…]

Blog No. 124. Trump and Russia (and questions not asked)

Much of Donald Trump’s press conference and the attendant media commentary were taken up with the controversy over a dossier of memoranda that purported to detail Trump’s activities in Russia. Some of material, including a particularly unsavory episode in a Moscow hotel room, was said to be “compromising” and a basis for exerting pressure over[…]