Special Bulletin – A Poetry Break for the Vote-a-Rama

The Chief RINO is vacationing. So, while the healthcare Vote-a-Rama runs on and Scaramucci spews vulgarities…  a few poems for your leisure. First, earlier this month, PBS Newshour hosted a Haiku contest on the topic of the healthcare debate. Although news seems to be changing by the minute, here are our submissions. If tonight’s Vote-a-Rama[…]

Special Bulletin. Veterans and In Vitro Fertilization

A report on the PBS NewsHour this week brought to our attention an issue that we had previously overlooked. The report, which can be viewed here, concerned the inability of the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to pay for in vitro fertilization (IVF) for veterans who have suffered wounds that make it impossible for them to conceive children any other way. […]