Blog No. 170. The Budget Act, the Trump Budget and the Road to Fiscal Ruin

Writing, and no doubt reading, about budgets is not as much fun as writing about the pronouncements of the Tweeter in Chief and various misadventures of the Trump White House. But the budget is an important matter, so even a further look at the peculiar saga of Trump and the Russians will be temporarily deferred,[…]

Blog No. 138 The Menace and Puzzle of North Korea

When President  Trump met with President Obama after the election, Obama reportedly advised him that the most difficult challenge of his presidency would be dealing with the threat posed by North Korea. There is every reason to believe that Obama’s advice was sound, but it is less clear how fully Trump has absorbed the complexity[…]

Blog No. 130 Donald Trump and the “So-Called Republicans”

America awoke this morning to yet another Twitter Storm from the Tweeter in Chief.  In this case, the subject was his claim that President Obama had tapped his phones. This is an explosive allegation about which we are certain to hear more and on which I will expect to comment further in a future blog. For the[…]

Blog No. 118. Tweeter-in-Chief: The Early Days

When I wrote that I had decided to withdraw from the Republican Party, I explained that I did not wish to remain a member of a party headed by Donald Trump. Nothing that has happened since then has led me to regret or reconsider that decision. Indeed, it has been reinforced by the apparent inclination of Congressional Republicans to fall blissfully in line with the incoming administration. This may change when specific legislation and spending proposals are on the table, but so far Republicans in both the House and Senate have been performing in remarkably ovine fashion. […]

Blog No. 116. Standing With Paul Ryan and the Way Forward

On Monday, Speaker Paul Ryan told House members that he would not defend Donald Trump or campaign with him, and that members should act in their own best interests in their individual districts. Ryan did not withdraw his previous endorsement of Trump, but to many that seemed more a matter of form than substance. Ryan’s statements produced an angry reaction from hardliners in the House and, inevitably, a farrago of pre-dawn cyberbabble from the would be Tweeter-in-Chief: […]